"Linkt Day Centre has a unique way of getting addicts to understand what addiction really is about and how to overcome obstacles in recovery. Everyone is from different lives and under it all we are helping each other understand our problems and  recover so we can enjoy healthy meaningful our lives. The housing is good and the staff and volunteers are great to talk with."  

Robert L

 "Linkt Day Centre was an amazing experience overall. I was in trouble and the Day TC (Therapeutic Community) helped me get through the process with ease. I was really stressed out at first but was welcomed immediately. I would highly recommend the Day program to anyone needing help for substance abuse treatment while keeping up everyday responsibilities." 

Robyn H

 "Thanks to Darrylin. She is skillful and knowledgeable. She, and all the guys at Linkt Day Rehab were a pleasure to work with. I am amazed at how caring and toughness is in the same place. They all understood where I had been and worked through a lot of issues with me. I believe I now understand the why of my addiction and have a toolbox to help me in the future. I feel great!  

Dave B

 "In the six months I spent at Linkt Day Centre as a resident I learnt a lot about myself. Leadership skills I never thought I had surfaced. The counsellors were extremely constructive and helpful. The group atmosphere was a wonderful experience I wont ever forget." 

Sioban R

 "Linkt gave me the tools to use to get myself sober and keep on the path of sobriety. The groups were very structured and the routine allowed me to learn about myself and my addiction. Linkt as a whole helped me save my life. Linkt TC has helped me lots by staying connected with people that understand me. I feel I belong."